Children and refugee families need your help to survive.


Across the Middle East, millions are suffering
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Syrian Refugee Emergency Appeal

“This project is very important. Pregnant women don’t know much about nutrition and breastfeeding. The [project’s] health volunteers have been very helpful to our community. I will now use all information I learned to deliver and raise a healthy child.”Muna, pregnant refugee

Healthcare crisis
As the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time unfolds in Syria, the world reels from an unprecedented refugee influx.

We’re receiving heartbreaking updates from our partners in the frontlines of Syria’s humanitarian emergency. Access to health
care is one of the most significant challenges that these refugees face.

More than a million people have fled to Lebanon where they are unable to pay for high-cost health essentials like x-rays and other services. What few funds they have are used to pay for food and shelter.

It’s a choice no one should have to make.

Your gift today will help provide immediate relief to children and families waiting for medical care.

When lives are on the line, we are able to provide access to the crucial health services refugees urgently need.

Your gift today can be a lifeline for another child and family struggling to find access to basic health services.

For example:
• $75 can help support seven primary health care clinics to improve access to care for Syrian refugees and Lebanese families living in poverty

• $150 can help provide staffing, equipment, and health worker training

• $300 can help employ community mobilizers and train volunteers to screen for malnutrition, inform families about health services and educate mothers about the importance of antenatal and postnatal care

A gift of any size will hep make a real difference for children, and their families. Please take this opportunity to help refugees in crisis.