MY VIRTUAL ACRE – “Ushindi” – Swahili for “Victory”

In the village of Kighali, Eastern Congo, there is a group of small-scale farmers. Though the group is new, it is strong; members named their group “Ushindi” – Swahili for ‘Victory’.

In this region, rains are few and far in between. Ongoing armed conflict, decades of weak government, lack of agricultural training and extreme food insecurity leaves communities without hope. World Relief and its partners have been at work since 2015 to change this.

Using Conservation Agriculture techniques, the Ushindi group established a nursery to grow vegetable and tree seedlings and planted disease-resistant crop varieties. The farmers are especially thrilled to see bananas – their major income source – coming back!

“Before, we didn’t use manure for our soil. We didn’t know about mulching, plant spacing or natural plant pesticides. But we have been taught these practical skills. Most of us only have a goat or a few guinea pigs – no one is rich enough to own cows- but with our improved agriculture and being able to sell some of our products, we look forward to better nutrition, better income, and the ability to buy livestock!”, one farmer exclaims.

Your Virtual Acre will support Canadian farmers as they grow, sell and donate the profits of their harvests. This allow even more small-scale farmers to experience the life-changing impact of improved agriculture.

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