My Virtual Acre – Rosemary & Daniel

What if we told you that farmers across Africa are quadrupling their income?

Meet Rosemary and Daniel Mnama – farmers from the village of Mchemwa, Tanzania. They are an innovative couple who want to ensure a good future for their 3 young children on their 4 acre farm.

With unpredictable and extreme environmental conditions (e.g. drought), consistently providing for their family is difficult.

We are changing that.

World Relief Canada is partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanzania to facilitate ongoing agricultural development. Rosemary and Daniel have been trained in conservation farming, and how to use pit grain stores.

Rosemary and Daniel’s grains are stored in airtight and pest-resistant pits in the floor of their own home. This way, their family is food secure for the upcoming seasons, or they can sell their grain at a higher price.

“We bought some grain to supplement our own harvest… I took a loan from my Village Savings and Loans group. Now, due to the dry planting season, people are nervous about food and prices have gone way up. Usually in this period harvest prices would double, but due to bad weather, I am able to sell this grain for 4 times the price!” Rosemary exclaims.

Rosemary sold half of her grain and made $294. She is $200 ahead of her goal.

Your continuous support for My Virtual Acre is allowing other farmers to do the same. Stay updated through this weekly blog! Next week, we will be back on Canadian soil!

“You make beautiful things out of the dust.”

Beautiful Things – Gungor