My Virtual Acre – Where It All Begins

It all begins with you.

My Virtual Acre farms in Canada are quickly progressing! World Relief Canada is partnered with The Canadian Foodgrains Bank and The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada’s Kernels of Hope project to directly benefit small-scale farmers around the world. Recently, we received an encouraging update:

“We are ready to grow again! Much of the crop in Manitoba is seeded. Some of the wheat is already lining up in rows to create a huge difference in people’s lives once again. We have real crops being raised in fields in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta this year.” – Ray Baloun, Canadian Foodgrains Bank

When World Relief’s President Wayne Johnson and Josephine Munyiva of Fadhili Trust visited several Canadian farms a few months ago, they were amazed at the hard work farmers are putting in in every single day.

Canadians realize the support that is needed for farming families in less advantaged countries. With the upcoming harvest season, funding from My Virtual Acre will go further than ever before: less hunger, more financial security, and the ability for children to go to school.

“We need people like you to pay Canadian farmers’ expenses, to help people in Africa produce their own food and livelihoods!” – Ray Baloun

Today, we invite you to invest in a Virtual Acre. Stay updated through this weekly blog and stay tuned to see how God is continually transforming lives.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb