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If your church would like to hear more about how lives are being changed and communities are being transformed, a World Relief speaker can visit your church. All our speakers can present from five minutes to 50 minutes and share what God is doing worldwide through his global church.

Wayne Johnson
Passionate about breaking the bonds of poverty through National leadership and staff, Wayne shares stories from travels among the poor in over 50 countries across the Global South & East. He loves to tie principles from scripture about God’s provision and care with His call on our lives. An excellent speaker, Wayne preaches regularly in churches across Canada and Africa of multiple denominations. Wayne is President of World Relief Canada.

Don Miller
Born in Swaziland of missionary parents, Don has a deep understanding of issues of Africa and Asia’s poor. A former Free Methodist pastor, Don loves to engage God’s people on Jesus call to both love Him and serve our neighbours, next door and around the world. Don is World Relief’s Church Relations Director.

Heather Card
Heather loves to share the impact of Canadians in coming alongside the poor in the name of Jesus. A very good exegete, Heather helps passages come alive with new revelation. Heather is World Relief’s Board Chair, a McMaster Divinity College doctoral student, and a former senior staff person at the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

Musu Taylor-Lewis
Musu is a theologically trained, confident and articulate public speaker. She grew up internationally in Canada, Europe and Sierra-Leone, where her family originates from. She is passionate about sharing the stories that emerge from integrated ministry with sensitivity to multi-denominational, multi-cultural contexts. Musu is World Relief’s Communications Director

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We will aim match you with the speaker that will best meet your needs. Contact Desiree Frost to assist in matching you with the perfect speaker! Call Desiree today at 1-800-567-8190 x 216 or email dfrost@worldrelief.ca

Please note:
● The opportunity to request and collect donations for the work of World Relief at your service or event is appreciated, but not required.