Responding to Disasters

World Relief is a member of Integral, Alliance, a global network of independent Christian relief and development agencies working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide.


What We’re Doing

Emergency Response

World Relief acts quickly to provide immediate aid. We make sure that children, women and men affected by floods, famines, earthquakes, diseases outbreaks and armed conflict get life-saving medical aid, shelter, food and water – fast. Responding to disasters through the Alliance ensures a faster, more effective and efficient coordination of resources and programs.

Healthcare & Nutrition
Healthcare facilities can be damaged, destroyed, or become inaccessible, so we focus our programs on restoring and strengthening healthcare infrastructures and providing access to life-saving medical and nutritional assistance.

Sanitation & Hygiene
When there is poor access to water and few options to practice good hygiene and sanitation, life-threatening diseases like cholera, malaria and typhoid can spread quickly. We focus on providing access to clean water and sanitation supplies, including dignity kits for women.

Food & Income
This can include food distributions to meet people’s immediate needs, and food -for-work programs as recovery begins. It can also include providing livelihood replacements like livestock, seeds, tools and agriculture training as families rebuild their lives.

Featured Project

Emergency Response

God listens. God hears us.

Join Us in Prayer for this work

Father in heaven, we thank you that you are our refuge and strength; always ready to help in times of trouble. We pray today for those impacted by natural disasters. We cannot imagine the horror and uncertainty of what they endure, but thank you that your promise is to be near those in need. Find us faithful in our prayers and response for those suffering today.