Igniting the Economic Engine

Recognizing God’s care for all people, we are committed to development of economic opportunities for the poor of less developed countries such that they have sustainable access to the basic necessities of life.


What You Make Possible

Village Savings & Loans

This grassroots movement is the way we carry out God’s charge to serve and provide for the poor. We know that it is nearly impossible to climb out of poverty alone, but when a community comes together, their many hands help to lift each other up.

Our Village Savings and Loan program is based on a proven, savings-led strategy that offers, what is for many families, the only opportunity they have to save money and access small loans to establish a variety of income generating activities.

Savings Groups usually have 15-30 members and get started with as little as 10- 20 cents of savings per person per week. Loans typically range from $5 to $50 but can start as small as $2.50.

By providing communities with the resources and training needed to become self-supporting, Savings Groups empower them to find local and long-term solutions to poverty.

Creating Savings Groups
We are helping people mobilize and save together. When their precious savings are pooled, they can start making small loans to each other.

Providing Opportunities
Savings group members are provided with timely access to funds in the amounts they require for paying school fees, starting or growing a family business or purchasing seeds and tools for farming.

Building New Skills
We are providing groups with extensive training in areas such as, electing leaders democratically, the discipline of saving and financial literacy.

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Igniting the Economic Engine

God listens. God hears us.

Join Us in Prayer for this work

Lord God, we know that you desire the well being of all persons, in all places on earth. We pray for Village Savings and Loans that bring new mechanisms of dealing with money. Thank you for the beauty of economic systems that function in unique ways in local villages and remote communities. Ways by which women and men are empowered in handling their money and building a better future for their families.