Helping Communities in Conflict

Wars, conflict, persecution and natural disasters around the globe and in 2016 an unprecedented 63.5 million people had been driven from their homes.


What We’re Doing

Restoring Lives & Livelihoods

Our goal is to provide impoverished communities with a foundation of the basic necessities of life , enabling them to flourish and realize their God-given potential. In 2016, we worked with over 236,000 conflict-affected people. We meet their immediate needs by providing food, water and basic essentials to help them survive, and by helping people acquire the skills they need to restart their lives. We provide access the training, tools and resources they need to improve their ability to feed themselves and their families for now and for the future.

Health Support
We are working with local partners in Lebanon to provide primary health support to Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese in the Bekaa Valley who need assistance.

Water & Sanitation
We are working with local partners in South Sudan to provide food, water and sanitation to rural communities in Jonglei state.

Restore & Rebuild
We are also helping host communities and refugees, both to rebuild homes and to restore their lives and livelihoods.

Featured Project

Communities in Conflict


God listens. God hears us.

Join Us in Prayer for this work

Lord God, keep us aware of those whose lives are affected by war and unrest. Refugees who have become strangers in a foreign land, unsure of what tomorrow might hold. We pray today for your compassion and motivation to seek justice and the end of conflict around the world. We pray for all areas of violence that peace would come and that displaced people would soon be able to return home.