Feeding Hungry Families

We believe everyone has a right to the basics of life, and
consider food, water and health to be fundamental for
living well.


What You Make Possible

Working to End Hunger

Our goal is to ensure impoverished communities are able to access their basic rights, enabling them to flourish and realize their God-given potential.

In 2016, we worked with 52,908 families, over 350,000 people, to help them access the training, tools and resources they needed to improve their ability to feed themselves and their families- for now and for the future.

With your help, we provide:

Agriculture Programs
We deliver agriculture and livelihoods programs to local farmers focusing on increasing their yields sustainable agriculture practices, and help we people generate more income from what they grow.

Nutrition and Health Education
We are reducing malnutrition in families through nutrition education, provision of clean water, and special feeding programs. We give priority to pregnant and nursing mothers and children under the age of five.

Food Assistance
We provide food assistance to help people who are hungry because of crisis situations like war, droughts, or floods.

God listens. God hears us.

Join Us in Prayer for this work

Lord God, in our places of plenty, remind us of those who go hungry today. Those who are without even the most basic food that gives strength and nutrition. Give us the courage to step out as your witnesses in advocating for this fundamental need. Grant us a passion for others, until the day comes when no little child, loving mother or desperate father goes to sleep on an empty stomach.