Distributing Hope to Flood Victims

When the flood waters came through Haraj Maistan Village on August 14th, Ramayan Mukhya made sure that his wife Sonila and two  sons aged 12 and 9 stayed safe atop the roof of their home. After 10 hours spent overnight on the rooftop, Ramayan ventured out in search of food for his family. As he made his way across rooftops, his foot slipped and he fell into the surging waters. His body was found 5 hours later a long distance away.

Sonila is now a widow at age 30, with two sons to feed.

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Sonila became the first recipient of a relief kits distributed by EFICOR staff to victims of the flooding in Bihar State India. With support from World Relief Canada, EFICOR has distributed relief kits to 1500 families covering 17 villages in Bihar. The kits include: 25 kg Rice, 15 kg Wheat flour, 2kg Beaten Rice, 3 kg Pulses, 1 kg Jaggery, 2 ltr cooking oil, 1kg Sattu, 1 kg Salt, 2 Bed sheets, 1 Mosquito net, 2 Mats and 1 Hygiene kit.

A woman receives emergency supplies in Bihar State

The flooding in India in August of this year is said to be worst from recent years. The farmers in Bihar, where EFICOR is at work, are bearing the brunt of the devastation as flood waters have destroyed hundreds of acres of standing crops across the 19 districts. With their fields inundated with flood waters and no crops to harvest, the farmers of Bihar have lost their only source of livelihood.  The victims are mostly involved in clearing debris and making their shelters livable. Given the massive devastation, there will be a serious need for a recovery phase after the relief effort.

As representatives of the Church, EFICOR is supporting the recovery of victims beyond the provision of food, as with all World Relief’s partners they address the needs of the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual. Sonila is grieving the loss of her family’s only bread winner, Ramayan, a fish vendor who used to earned enough to support his family. EFICOR staff has extended counseling support to build her confidence in facing the future. Though she has temporary support of food & basic non food items, she will need a  means of survival and securing children’s future. With their ongoing agricultural and group savings programs, EFICOR is already planning for long term solutions for families like Sonila’s

As she charts a new future for her sons, please pray  for Sonila, Karan (12) and Arjan (9) to come to a normal life and to have an appropriate livelihood opportunity for their survival.

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